Reach level 100 skull cavern quest

Wait For a day with the best luck;. pd 1602 as amended by ra 9287

Jul 31, 2022 · What is The Skull Cavern? What Makes Skull Cavern so Unique? How to Reach Level 100 in Skull Cavern. Dec 17, 2022. Qi quest called Skull Cavern Invasion, similarly to the Mines, Skull Cavern will receive a difficulty buff. Jun 30, 2021 · 3. . Amd got nothing. Wait For a day with the best luck; 4. This new mission tasks you with reaching level 100 in Skull Cavern.


Qi will either congratulate the player for reaching floor 100 using 10 or fewer staircases or say they are "clever" but not "honorable" for using 11 or more.


Jun 30, 2021 · 3.

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- Focus on +Luck foods, such as spicy eel. . .

However, you can't eat or drink anything while there.


10,000g, delivered by mail the next day.


. I most commonly make it to 100 when I'm doing a late game quest that asks you to get to 100 again, and when I do this I most commonly won't get to the Skull Cavern until after 5pm and I bring along 100 stairs and just spam stairs until I hit a treasure level, grab treasure, and then start spamming stairs until I get another treasure level or 100.

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once I reach the beautiful iridium-filled levels I will nuke the place and collect all of it. Menu. Completing the quest awards 10,000g, delivered by mail the following day.